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C2C Instructions for Teachers

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Instructions for Teachers

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-22h05m47s74Below are some steps to help prepare yourself for the upcoming classroom visit, including:

  1. Register your class. If you have not done so already, register to have a team visit one or more of your classes. Once you have registered, you will be able to see volunteer information on the schedule page.
  2. Wait for volunteers. Judges and attorneys will use the scheduling tool to select a class they want to work with.
  3. Get in touch with volunteers. CRF will send a confirmation email to the teacher, judge, and attorneys, once a team is set. The confirmation will provide contact information for each team member (judge, attorneys, and teacher). Coordinate your visit with the volunteers and schedule your visit on the online calendar.
  4. Give introductory lesson. Once the scheduling has been completed, teachers should prepare their students for the first visit. Please review "Teachers - Preparing for the Visit" (PDF) for more information. In addition, their are lessons and handouts available from the download page.
  5. Assist the Judge/Attorney team. Provide classroom management and support during the visit.
  6. Complete program evaluation. After the second visit, complete the online evaluation to provide feedback and documentation.